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About Sankq

wenzhou sankq machine accessories co.,ltd is a specialized manufacturer in dealing with middle and high quality machine accessories since 1997. Our company provides a comprehensive range of products which widely applied in woodworking machine, printing machine,packaging machine,food machine,glass machine,shaping machine,tube machine,press sheet metal working machine,textile machine,electrombile,medical instruments, fitness equipment and machine tool. Our supply involves position indicators,position gauges,handwheels with position gauge, handwheels,revolving handles,fold-down handles,adjustable handles,pull handles,spherical knobs, long knobs,lobe knobs,star knobs,buckle type plug and hinge,etc. Our products have been sold to the areas of China, European countries, American countries, South-East Asian countries and so on. ...

SK19-KP20 Clamping Plates SK04-KP14 Clamping Plates SK7010SS Stainless steel fold-d SK7011SS Stainless steel fold-d SK10-CV Panel plug SK10-WD Panel display window SK7306 Handwheels SK7018SS Stainless steel adjust SK04 Position indicators SK7011 Fold-down handles SK7447 Long knobs SK7443 Cone-shape knobs SK7442T Spherical knobs SK7441 Spherical knobs SK7405 Star knobs SK7404T Star knobs SK7404C Star knobs SK7401 Lobe Knobs SK7400T Lobe Knobs SK7360Z Handwheels with cover SK7360H Handwheels with cover SK7318 Handwheels with cover SK7328 Handwheels with cover SK7324130 Handwheels with cover SK7324340 Handwheels with cover SK7310 Handwheels SK7308 Handwheels SK7307L Long insert inner SK7307D Short insert inner SK7305 Circular rim handwheels SK7304 Square rim handwheels SK7303 Square rim handwheels SK7302 Little handwheels SK7301 Handwheels SK7360H/R Handwheels with posit SK7360Z/R Handwheels with posit SK7328 Handwheels with position SK7318 Handwheels with position SK7324340R Handwheels with posi SK7324130R Handwheels with posi SK100 Position gauges SK60 Position gauges SK80 Position gauges SK20 Position indicators SK10L Long shaft position indic SK09L Long shaft position indic SK10 Position indicators SK09 Position indicators SK19 Position indicators SK7722 Hinges SK7015BC7 Adjustable handles SK7607 Buckle type plug SK7605 Buckle type plug SK7061 Pull handles SK7057 Pull handles SK7019 Inch adjustable handles SK7018 Adjustable handles SK7013 Adjustable handles SK7012 Adjustable handles SK7015BC6 Adjustable handles SK7015BC2 Adjustable handles SK7015BC1 Adjustable handles SK7006 Revolving handles SK7010 Fold-down handles SK7005 Revolving handles SK7002 Little handles