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Our supply involves position indicators, position gauges, handwheels with position gauge, etc.

SK7404T Bakelite Star Knobs

Material: Duroplast body "T" brass nut, "C" black oxide treatment steel unthreaded insert

SK7307D Short insert inner corrugated Handwheels

Material: Duroplast, Black oxidation treatment steel hub Match SK7011 fold-down handles "F" with annex washers, carbon steel flat keys, counter sunk screw

SK7303 Square Rim Handwheels

Material: Matte polyamide resin, Black oxidation treatment steel hub, Matte polyamide resin cap Match SK7005 revolving handles

SK7360R Aluminum Handwheels with Position Gauge

Material: Aluminum alloy, "H" knurling handwheel "Z" ruled surface handwheel, Knurled grip knobs for position indicators, Knurled grip knobs can be used with analogue and digital-analogue gravity indicators.

SK7011 Safety Fold-away Handles

Material: Duroplast body, Black oxide treatment steel handle head and shaft "P" indicates the torque pin structure, customized nonstandard structures of torque pin on request "F" with annex alloy steel HEX countersunk head screw d1×l

SK7012 Adjustable handles Levers

Adjustable hand levers SK7012 are ideal whenever parts have to be clamped in a confined space or in a particular lever position. The centre insert is connected to the lever via serrations which can easily be disengaged.

SK04 Position Indicators

Hollow shaft max with Ø 14 mm, Counter with 4 digits and fine reading, Detent as an option, Magnifying function for good readability, Stainless-steel driving shaft as an option.

Corporate environment

The product application

  • Woodworking machine

  • Printing machine

  • Packaging machine

  • Food machine

  • Glass machine

  • Shaping machine

  • Tube machine

  • Press sheet metal working machine

  • Textile machine

  • Electrombile

  • Medical instruments

  • Fitness equipment and machine tool

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